Trak Air-Con is your mechanical and electrical solutions partner. Maintaining existing, improving performance or installing new we deliver results.

Two Trak engineers working on an HVAC solution

Our range of services includes:

Installation projects

Installation quality and project management expertise that works with you to meet your budget and your timeline. Working with construction companies, building owners or tenants we use our in-house team of skilled, qualified specialists to deliver results.

Maintenance Specialists

Information management systems, automated processes, and quality management procedures are used to provide consistent reliable services. You will have the assurance of reliable maintenance, building compliance certification and proactive assessment of your HVAC performance. Delivering accurate information allows you to plan remedial works and develop capital budgets to keep systems operating as efficiently as possible. Our aim is to work with you to reduce service calls, achieve consistent comfort conditions and prolong equipment life.

Service Expertise

Understanding your building is our priority so that when remedial work needs to be carried out we ensure the solutions are cost effective, necessary and deliver the right outcomes. We know the importance of minimising disruption and getting the job done right. Our team works in with the occupants, maintains a safe environment and delivers value for money.

Diagnosis and Analysis

Whether you are taking over a new building or needing to develop capital budgets for the long term Trak Air-Con have the in-house experts to fully assess the HVAC systems including electrical, controls, refrigeration and water treatment. With our commissioning engineers and trade expertise we will assess your building history, current condition and system performance. Accurate and reliable information will keep you in control of your building and ensure expenditure is planned and necessary.

Training & support

Our expertise is available to make building management easier. Whether it is system training, identifying opportunities for improvement or ensuring building compliance we have the best knowledge and experience.